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Hi there! I’m Tara McKenna, Founder of The Zero Waste Collective, Sustainability Writer, Speaker & Eco Business Coach - let's work together!


We're a lot alike

We want to make the world a better place, and we're determined to work towards that goal even in the face of such uncertainty.


The stats aren't in our favour, and it can be overwhelming once we go down the rabbit hole of plastic in the ocean, rising global temperatures and biodiversity loss. We could hide under the sheets...

But we're optimists! We'll take those odds, and throw them into the wind to fight for a better tomorrow anyway!

That's why I created The Zero Waste Collective. While not everyone agrees that individual actions matter, I believe that any collective effort starts with individuals who are passionate to make important changes, just like you.

The Zero Waste Collective (ZWC) is an online community and resource inspiring people from all walks of life to live with less waste and more joy.

Since starting ZWC, I've been featured in publications like The Globe and Mail, USA TODAY, and CBC News; I've spoken for companies such as McCain, Loop, and at events like the Green Living Show; and I've worked with companies including IKEA, Corona Canada, A&W Canada, and Converse on their sustainability campaigns, as well as 100+ other amazing small, medium and large eco friendly businesses.

This is why we should work together! 1:1 coaching for your eco friendly business (whether you focus on products, services, or you're an eco content creator) with my background experience can help you get started or take your biz to the next level! Check out '1:1 Coaching' to learn about how I can help your business grow so you can have a positive impact on this planet.

Looking for speaking services or a brand collaboration? Let's work together! Check out 'Services'.