Hi! I'm Tara, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and conscious business coach here to help you achieve your biz goals!


Tara's Story

Hey! I’m Tara McKenna, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and conscious business coach, here to help you kick ass in your biz!


Here’s a bit about me. I have a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning with 7+ years of professional experience in that field. As a passion project, I built my business and blog, The Zero Waste Collective, outside of my 9-5 job. Eventually I could no longer balance the two, and I went full time into my business in April 2019. Cheers to that!

I monetized my blog through select brand partnerships, licensed collaborations and affiliate programs. 2019 is not only the year I quit my 9-5 job, it’s also the first year my income exceeded 6-figures!


Having informally mentored others since I launched my blog in 2018, I’ve now formalized my coaching business to help you grow and thrive in your conscious digital biz!


What do I mean by 'conscious'? It's about the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. I focus on bridging the gap between sustainability and business!

You can create what you truly want for your life and your business through thoughtful planning and quality coaching.  Are you ready to kick ass? Let's do this!


Maybe it sounds cheesy, but whatever, I've always been inspired by the legacy of Doug Tompkins, late billionaire and one of the founders of The North Face. As a conservationist, he bought massive tracts of land in Chile specifically for conservation. The land has since been donated to the Chilean government to create a network of national parks, providing both education and employment.

Having background as an environmental land use planner in Southern Ontario, Canada, I've seen time and time again how land gets developed instead of being conserved. It's a complex issue of course, but nonetheless it inspired my passion for nature conservation. While I aspire to buy up swaths of land for conservation one day like Doug, for now I donate to nature conservation organizations to preserve what we have left, and to promote additional land conservation, rehabilitation, and education.

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