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Author and Content Creator

Tara inspires everyday decluttering and self care so we can show up and be our best selves!

Hey, there!

I'm Tara McKenna

If you're new around here, let me introduce myself.


A few years back I started a blog, The Zero Waste Collective, and two Instagram accounts documenting low waste and sustainable living. Across social media, I grew my following to over 450,000 followers! I also grew an email list with thousands of subscribers, worked with over 100 brands on paid collaborations, and gained some celebrity followers and shout-outs along the way.

I also wrote a book, Don't Be Trashy: A Practical Guide to Living with Less Waste and More Joy, published by Penguin Random House. I've had extensive media coverage and interviews, as well as numerous public speaking events.

Now I've pivoted and I'm focused on inspiring everyday decluttering, mindful living, and self-care. I retired the ZWC blog because I found that the topic of sustainability became too emotionally draining for me. And with a baby and book that came out 3 months apart back in 2021/2022, I feel like I'm now just finally starting to get back to myself again.


Decluttering and self-care enables us to show up as our best selves, for ourselves, for our family and friends, and for our communities.

Going into 2024 will be my self-care era. Are you in for that too? Then follow along on Instagram at @mindfully_tara.

And be sure to subscribe below so you can get decluttering and self-care strategies in your inbox!


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Get to know Tara!

Tara McKenna.png
  • Has a master's degree in urban and regional planning, and 7+ years of professional experience in the field

  • Created a well-known blog: (now retired so Tara can pivot into the self-care and wellness space)

  • Grew a large social media presence: 450k+ followers across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, at its peak

  • Has had celebrity followers over the years on @zero.waste.collective, including: Nikki Reed, Adrian Grenier, Jason Momoa, Orlando Bloom, SZA (that Tara knows of!)

  • Has worked with 100+ brands – big and small, local and global – including IKEA, Converse, Corona Canada, A&W Canada, GLAD, Simplii Financial, Canadian Geographic, Ten and Co, Albatross Designs, Goldilocks Wraps, Rug and Weave, and many more!

  • Wrote a book, Don’t Be Trashy: A Practical Guide to Living with Less Waste and More Joy, with a top publisher, Penguin Random House

  • Has had extensive media coverage, including The Globe and Mail, USA TODAY, mindbodygreen, CBC News, CBC Radio, iHeart Radio, Guelph Mercury Tribune (Top 20 Under 40), Global News, The Morning Show, CP24, CHCH, The Social, Guelph Today, BaYou With Love, Home in Canada, FASHION Magazine, Innovating Canada, CNN, The Papaya Podcast, This Family Tree Podcast, The Stacking Benjamins Podcast, TELUS Talks, and more!

  • Is a public speaker, with clients and events that include McCain, Aviva, Loop, Momentum, TaskUs, IG Wealth Management, Autumn Communications, Industrious, Guelph Zero Waste Festival, Youth Environmental Network of York Region, Canadian Public Accountability Board, plus numerous library and book store events!

  • Is a real estate investor with her hubby, and they are currently working on their latest project, renovating a cottage for a future vacation rental! Follow along at @marble.point.cottage!


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