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Growing your eco business doesn't have to be difficult

It's time to say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by all the things you could do with your business, and instead create a specific road map for your path forward through 1:1 coaching!

Right now I offer 2-hour, single strategy sessions tailored completely to your needs. See some of the options below! When you're ready, hit 'apply now'!


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New to entrepreneurship? Not quite sure where to start or what's next to get your eco business up and running? I remember what it's like figuring out business basics all on my own. Let me save you time and effort by fast tracking your next steps so you can focus on having an impact and building an income!



So you've already got your business going, and perhaps you're even quite well established in the eco business space. That said, you could really use some big brand growth, amirite? I've built a huge brand presence, and contributed to the zero waste movement in a big way with The Zero Waste Collective. So instead of scratching your head wondering what's next, let me help you achieve big brand presence!

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As a well established eco entrepreneur, you're busy, you've got a never ending to do list, and you just don't have time to strategize what's next in your biz. The options are endless, anyway, right? You could be missing huge opportunities if you don't plan next steps! Let me help you plan the year ahead for your business without overwhelm. Plan your goals, pivots, partnerships, growth, cash flow, and more!

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Are you an eco influencer? That's great! We need people like you inspiring sustainable lifestyles so we get more people having a positive impact on the planet. Scratching your head on how to make money or raise your rates? Not sure what to charge, or how to ask to get paid? Having worked with 100+ brands, big and small, I'll help you navigate the world of partnerships and making money as a content creator.

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Does a little bit of this, and a little bit of that sound exactly like what you want to get out of a 1:1 coaching session? Choosing the a la carte option gives you the most flexibility in terms of what we'll cover during your session! We can cover anything you like, from marketing and content creation to making money and building an impact plan to refreshing your business plan to selling with authenticity. It's up to you!

Ready, Set, Go!

Let's figure out what's working for your business, what's missing, and what's next, so you can put your energy where it matters most! Apply for 1:1 coaching with Tara McKenna, founder of The Zero Waste Collective, today! These 2-hour, Single Strategy Sessions are $995 (plus tax if applicable).

Sarah Robertson Barnes

"Tara has been an invaluable mentor to me as I developed my platform. Generous with her knowledge and passion, she expertly draws out your vision and focuses your brand's mission. Tara's guidance has helped me navigate brand partnerships, advocate for fair compensation, and establish myself in the zero waste community. I highly recommend working with Tara to take your business goals to the next level!"

— Sarah Robertson-Barnes, Founder of Sustainable in the Suburbs

Tasha Medve

"Working with Tara helped me get my blog to the next level! She shared insights from her business, guided with worksheets and materials for goal setting and projects. She helped me understand my purpose, my strengths and worth as a business owner."

— Tasha Medve, Founder of

The Purposeful You