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The Profitable Influencer

Your Financial Blueprint to
Thrive as a Paid Content Creator

You’ve poured your heart and soul into growing a niche online community that you're passionate about, and you’re just as protective over your followers as Taylor Swift is about her fans. 


But at the end of the day, it is still WORK. Work to maintain consistent and creative content creation. Work to connect with your community. It’s emotional work, creative work, hours-at-your-computer-and-on-your-phone work. 


Work that you love, of course, but work nonetheless. 


And, it’s about time you got paid for it, right?


Especially when so many brands want creators to work for them even when they say "we don't have a budget" (ahem, what?)


Creating and maintaining your community is one thing, and monetizing it, oh, that’s a whole other thing!


It’s all about:

  • Navigating partnerships

  • Reading oh-so-many contracts

  • Figuring out what to charge

  • Trying to make sure you get paid

  • Creating content that works for your client

  • Creating sponsored content that is still authentic for your audience

  • Dealing with requests for unpaid work

  • Or, trying to figure out how to land brand partnerships in the first place!

  • Not selling out

  • The list goes on…

I have seen and heard it all. And perhaps you have too!

In the midst of all the emails and what can sometimes feel like chaos trying to land partnerships, I have worked with some pretty amazing brands doing fantastic work.


The kind of brands that:

  • Flew me in business class to a really fantastic event

  • Paid me in full for a project that the brand cancelled at the last minute (even though they didn't have to based on our contract)

  • Paid me to attend, or speak at events, PLUS took care of travel and accommodations, AND paid for content creation (the full package!)

I'm Tara McKenna, creator of the blog The Zero Waste Collective, and I built a thriving business on authentic and aligned partnerships and I'm here to help you do that too, and more.

Are you ready to become a well paid content creator and build the business of your dreams? If so, read on...

Tara McKenna Cafe.jpg

In The Profitable Influencer program, you'll build your business to:

THRIVE as a paid content creator

Advocate for YOU when negotiating deals

Navigate paid and unpaid collaborations with EASE

MONETIZE your brand with various strategies including: 

  • sponsored collaborations, 

  • licensing partnerships, and

  • passive income opportunities

Ensure that you always GET PAID for your work

Build a STRONG REPUTATION for yourself as the reliable, go-to content creator for sponsored opportunities and events within your niche

Get AMAZING testimonials that attract new clients

Does this sound like you? The Profitable Influencer Program is for you if...

You have an established online presence with an engaged audience (any size, on any platform)

You are consistently producing quality content for your community
You have a well-defined niche that you’re passionate about
You take an authentic, transparent and inclusive approach to content creation
You have some experience working on paid collaborations (but not required)

Become the go-to person in your niche. Get raving reviews and testimonials to keep your pipeline filled with ideal clients so you can do the authentic work you love!

This program has been built from Tara's experience working with 100+ brands; see what some of Tara's clients from The Zero Waste Collective had to say about working with her:

Rouve Hembling,
Your Green Kitchen

"I have done a few collaborations with The Zero Waste Collective and it has been a wonderful experience. Tara is always super helpful in getting it all organized and all of the collaborations have been extremely successful."

Amy Hall,
Goldilocks Goods

"Working with Tara from The Zero Waste Collective was a breeze right from the start. I especially appreciated the organization and quick responses. As for the collaboration itself, the results FAR exceeded my expectations."

Christen Irwin,
Ten and Co

Tara has been been such a pleasure to work with. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about her community, she is full of fantastic suggestions to make working with The Zero Waste Collective as profitable as possible. We work with Tara because she is committed to engaging with her community in an authentic way, promoting brands that are true to their word and will actually provide benefits to her followers."

Do I have to be an influencer to sign up for this program?

Not at all! This program is for any digital entrepreneur who wants to monetize their brand online through paid, sponsored collaborations.

This program is for any digital entrepreneur

This program is for any digital entrepreneur who wants to monetize their brand online through paid, sponsored collaborations.


You don't have to identify as a content creator or influencer, however, you do need to have an audience and a content vehicle to monetize to sign up for this program.


For example, say you run a small business in your town where you sell consignment clothing on Instagram stories. You've built up a solid local following (~3k), and you've decided to run events for your followers who live in town to get together to enjoy shared interests. You could then monetize both your events and Instagram account with sponsored collaborations. You could be considered an entrepreneur, content creator and influencer! (this is a real example, by the way!)

Regardless of which category you identify with, many people feel out of their comfort zone to charge for sponsored collaborations. It doesn't have to be that way! This program will ensure that you're:

Confidently pitching high value collabs to potential clients

Not undercharging, so that your work is profitable

Setting expectations and boundaries to avoid scope creep

Getting paid for the work that you do, and on time

Providing a stellar and professional experience for clients

Ready to take your business and profits to the next level?

Photo of pastry

Take control of your financial future, today

​​What's in it for YOU:

  • 4x 1:1 one-hour virtual sessions with Tara McKenna over a one month period ($5,000 value)

  • A full update to your packages and pricing kit with compelling and profitable offers ($1,000 value)

  • A plan for the next 12 months of special and seasonal offers that are irresistible ($1,000 value)

  • Two pitch email templates tailored to make your brand stand out in the crowd ($500 value)

    • One for everyday collaborations

    • One for special offers

PLUS these bonus tools ($550 in extras!):

  • Name Generator Tool to create compelling names for products, programs and services

  • Content Pillars Worksheet to keep your content creation consistent and flowing

  • 12-Month Content Planner Worksheet to keep the cash flowing year after year

  • Personal Brand Growth Accelerator Tips Sheet so you can become well known and further monetize your brand

  • Monetization Ideas List so you can make money like a boss

Over $8,000 in value


For $4,950


Payment plan options:

$2,750 per month for 2 months, or

$2,000 per month for 3 months

​(plus tax if applicable, prices in CAD)

This program, when put into action with your new pricing kit and 12-month plan of special offers, will pay for itself quickly and help you build an incredibly profitable and enjoyable business!

To be more specific, Tara will show you how to create a special collaboration offer that will cover the cost of THIS program.

What Tara's clients have to say:

Tasha Medve
"Working with Tara helped me take my business to the next level. She helped me understand my purpose, my strengths and worth as a business owner. Working with Tara helped me to translate that value to create meaningful paid partnerships with brands that I love."

Tasha Medve, The Purposeful You

Hey, there!

I'm Tara McKenna

If you're new around here and we haven't met, you might be wondering, "who is Tara? and why should I work with her?" and those are fair questions!

A few years back I started a blog, The Zero Waste Collective, and two Instagram accounts documenting low waste and sustainable living. Across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, I grew my community to over 450,000 followers! I also grew an email list with thousands of subscribers, worked with over 100 brands on paid collaborations, and gained some celebrity followers and shout-outs along the way (including one from Anne Hathaway on Instagram!!).

I also wrote a book, Don't Be Trashy: A Practical Guide to Living with Less Waste and More Joy, published by Penguin Random House. I've had extensive media coverage and interviews, as well as numerous public speaking events.

Now I'm focused on helping impact-driven entrepreneurs and content creators build the business and life of their dreams by teaching them how to grow and monetize their online brands authentically and profitably with brand partnerships, collaborations, and passive income strategies.


Why? Because I believe that more financial resources in the hands of people who want to make a difference = more positive impact in our communities.

I can't wait to work with you!


Work with Tara today!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Once you've had an opportunity to review all of Tara's services, email Tara to work together!

Tara will be able to guide you to the program best suited to your needs, or build a program tailored for your business.

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