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The Profitable Content Creator: Your Blueprint to Thrive with Paid Partnerships - in 6 weeks!

An online course where content creators and entrepreneurs learn how to monetize their online brands to pitch and land the best paying clients, create packages that sell profitably, always get paid for your work, and build a reputation as the go-to person for sponsored opportunities in your niche!

Imagine if...

Instead of rolling out of bed and commuting to your 9-5 job, you started getting paid so profitably for the work you’re already doing with your online brand and community that you could…

  • Replace your salary income and leave your day job, if you want to

  • Work on your own schedule and on your own terms, from anywhere

  • Work with dream clients that pay you so well (and not just send you products)

  • Build the online business you’ve always wanted

  • Supplement your existing business income with a new & highly profitable revenue stream


I remember having this dream years ago. I floated the idea to a few people, and while they didn’t tell me that my idea was bananas, it was written all over their faces. I was bummed, but I get it – at the time I didn’t even have a blog or a public social media profile, so their reactions made sense. 


A few years later, though, I started a blog called The Zero Waste Collective. Across social media, I grew my community to over 450,000 followers! I also grew an email list with thousands of subscribers and worked with 100+ brands on paid collaborations.


Best of all, I quit my day job to run my own business, and I’ve never looked back.


Now I'm focused on helping impact-driven entrepreneurs and content creators build the business and life of their dreams by teaching them how to grow and monetize their online brands authentically and profitably with brand partnerships, collaborations, and passive income strategies.

Whether you’re looking to add to your income or go all out and quit your day job, I’m here to show you the path to monetizing your online brand profitably, authentically, and reliably.


You’ve already done the work - you’ve grown a community, you love creating content for them, and now it’s time to get paid profitably for it!


You don’t need to have tons of followers to make good money (I recommend 1k+ followers / subscribers); it’s all about quality over quantity. And you don't have to identify as a content creator or influencer, but you can if you want to!


Because I’ve been monetizing my online brand for years now, and I’ve worked with 100+ brands on paid collaborations, including the likes of Converse, IKEA, Corona, Simplii Financial, A&W Canada, GLAD, Canadian Geographic, and more, I’ve created a process to monetize sponsored collaborations down to a simple, profitable and predictable framework. This framework works for me, it’s worked for my coaching and consulting clients, and now it can work for you, too!


It’s time for you to get brands knocking at your door looking to pay you thousands of dollars for collaborations, inviting you to exclusive events, and giving you the freedom you’ve been looking for. Now is the time. Read on...


Does this sound like you? The Profitable Content Creator Course is for you if...

You have an established online presence with an engaged audience (any platform, any size; 1k+ is recommended)

You are consistently producing quality content for your community
You have a well-defined niche that you’re passionate about
You take an authentic, transparent and inclusive approach to content creation

This course is for anyone with an online community that they want to monetize

This course is for anyone who wants to monetize their brand online through paid, sponsored collaborations.


You don't have to identify as a content creator or influencer, however, you do need to have an audience (1k+ recommended) and a content vehicle (e.g. social media, podcast, blog, email list. etc.) to monetize.

For example, say you run a small business in your town where you sell consignment clothing on Instagram stories. You've built up a solid local following (~3k), and you've decided to run events for your followers who live in town to get together to enjoy shared interests. You could then monetize both your events and Instagram account with sponsored collaborations. You could be considered an entrepreneur, content creator and influencer! (this is one of Tara's clients, by the way!)

Regardless of which category you identify with, many people feel out of their comfort zone to charge for sponsored collaborations. It doesn't have to be that way! This program will ensure that you're:

Confidently pitching high value collabs to potential clients

Not undercharging, so that your work is profitable

Setting expectations and boundaries to avoid scope creep

Getting paid for the work that you do, and on time

Providing a stellar and professional experience for clients

Tara McKenna Cafe.jpg

In The Profitable Content Creator Course, you'll build your business to:

THRIVE as a paid content creator and consistently land paid collaborations that are PROFITABLE

Advocate for YOU when negotiating deals

Navigate paid and unpaid collaborations with EASE

MONETIZE your brand with multiple strategies

Ensure that you GET PAID for your work

Build a STRONG REPUTATION for yourself as the reliable, go-to content creator for sponsored opportunities and events within your niche

Get AMAZING testimonials that attract new clients

Build a brand and business that you LOVE


Live the LIFESTYLE of your dreams with freedom and options so you can work where you want, when you want, and make the money you want to make

QUIT your day job, if that's your dream

The Profitable Content Creator Course Outline

Want to know what to expect during this live, 6-week program? Get the scoop here!

Week 1


Week one is the opportunity for you to develop and feel confident about your financial goal for the year ahead, knowing that you will monetize your online brand like a BOSS. You'll also to dream up where you want your brand to go! You'll learn the PROFIT Blueprint so you can build a thriving business and the lifestyle of you've always wanted. YASSS!

Week 2


We don't waste anytime with fluff in this program, so week two is where you'll draft your captivating brand story and craft your Irresistible Media Kit to share with and land your dream clients! This is building the foundation for WHY people will want to work with YOU, and will want to PAY you the profitable rates that you outline in your pricing guide.

Week 3


Show me the money! This week you will create prices and packages that will practically sell themselves and be packed with so much value that clients will feel like they're getting the better end of the deal. You'll learn pricing strategies that are backed by research and tested by Tara! Your profitable prices will be based on the value of your offer, and not solely based on the size of your audience, which is how most influencers approach their pricing and demonstrate their value. Your pricing guide will be next level!

Week 4


During week four is when you truly become a business owner and a BOSS. You'll create policies that will help you come across as professional to your clients, set boundaries to ensure that you get paid, and to protect your content and your brand. You'll also develop a simple project management and communications process so that completing projects will become a breeze, and you'll exceed client expectations so they become repeat customers!

Week 5


Wow, you've accomplished A LOT by week five, and now is the time to create your pitch email templates and pitch list so you can pitch and land your dream clients. You'll develop the tools you need to land the brand deals you'll love and profit from, while providing your online community with value. Essentially, you'll be making their life easier by helping them choose the best products and services in your niche as vetted by you! And if you want to get paid to do that, these tools are essential.

Week 6


By this final week, you are well equipped to move forward and take control of your financial future. You'll create opportunities for paid partnerships that are authentic and aligned with your online brand. Now is the time to get your feet wet by putting this blueprint into action with the $2K in 20 Days Challenge! If my coaching clients can do it, so can you! You're ready to THRIVE.

Once you've gone through The Profitable Content Creator program you will...

Feel Worthy of Monetizing Your Online Community

You'll check your imposter syndrome at the door. No longer will you feel like your following isn't big enough to monetize because you'll be leading with value. Equipped with your new Irresistible Media Kit, you'll build the confidence and demonstrate the expertise you need to let yourself shine brightly.

Know How to Plan for and Earn Money Consistently

If you've already tried to monetize your online brand with some success, but found it was feast or famine, this program can have you saying hello to consistent income! And if monetizing is completely new to you, you'll be starting off on the right foot. Tara will teach you how to develop a 12-Month Income & Collab Plan.

Confidently Pitch and Land Profitable Paid Partnerships

You don't have to be worried about sounding like a used car salesman when you pitch collaborations to your dream clients. You'll be prepared with tailored Pitch Email Templates informed by Tara's experience working with 100+ brands! This program will help you feel authentic and confident in your approach.

Work with Dream Clients and Get Paid, Profitably

Are you tired of hearing from brands that want to work with you but don't "have a budget"? You'll learn how to navigate paid and unpaid collaborations with ease, and focus on clients who have the budget to work with you. Not only that, build profit into your Compelling Rate Card that's value-packed for clients.

Save Hundreds of Hours and Earn Thousands of Dollars

Skip the late nights with Google and YouTube trying to piece together a business strategy for monetizing your online brand. As for the media kit templates available online, they're missing a ton of information. Save time and start making real money with Tara's proven framework (and you can learn it in 6 days!).

Protect Your Online Brand and Business

In this program you'll develop Professional "Work With Me" Policies so that you'll come across as professional to clients, set boundaries to ensure that you get paid, plus protect your content and brand, while completing projects that exceed client expectations so that they can become repeat customers!

Get to know Tara!

Tara McKenna.png
  • Has a master's degree in urban and regional planning, and 7+ years of professional experience in the field working with clients (building Tara's exceptional client work experience)

  • Created a well-known blog:

  • Grew a MASSIVE social media presence: 450k+ followers across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, at its peak

  • Grew an email list of 5k+ (plus thousands more when you consider that Tara regularly pruned her email list)

  • Has had celebrity followers over the years on @zero.waste.collective, including: Nikki Reed, Adrian Grenier, Jason Momoa, Orlando Bloom, SZA (that Tara knows of!)

  • Plus Anne Hathaway did a shoutout to both of Tara’s Instagram accounts, @mindfully.sustainable (now @mindfully.tara) and @zero.waste.collective, in 2019!

  • As an entrepreneur, has worked with 100+ brands – big and small, local and global – including IKEA, Converse, Corona Canada, A&W Canada, GLAD, Simplii Financial, Canadian Geographic, Ten and Co, Albatross Designs, Goldilocks Wraps, Rug and Weave, and many more!

  • Wrote a book, Don’t Be Trashy: A Practical Guide to Living with Less Waste and More Joy, with a top publisher, Penguin Random House

  • Developed a passive income digital product (Zero Waste How-to Guide PDF) that sold well and became the proof of concept for Tara's book

  • Has had extensive media coverage, including The Globe and Mail, USA TODAY, mindbodygreen, CBC News, CBC Radio, iHeart Radio, Guelph Mercury Tribune (Top 20 Under 40), Global News, The Morning Show, CP24, CHCH, The Social, Guelph Today, BaYou With Love, Home in Canada, FASHION Magazine, Innovating Canada, CNN, The Papaya Podcast, This Family Tree Podcast, The Stacking Benjamins Podcast, TELUS Talks, and more!

  • Is a public speaker, with clients and events that include McCain, Aviva, Loop, Momentum, TaskUs, IG Wealth Management, Autumn Communications, Industrious, Guelph Zero Waste Festival, Youth Environmental Network of York Region, Canadian Public Accountability Board, plus numerous library and book store events!

What Tara's clients have to say:

“I’ve been running an online, Instagram-based shop for a couple of years, and I also plan local events. Tara guided me through the process of building a sponsorship package, including setting up offerings and appropriate pricing. With her support, I quickly filled all available sponsorship slots and even lined up clients for future events! Not only that, I was able to double my profits from previous events! Tara helped push me out of my comfort zone to be successful in expanding my business this way. I can't say this enough, Tara's guidance is invaluable.”

Marisa Jarus, Nickel City Littles

Now it's your turn, are you ready?
The next cohort starts Wednesday May 17th at 7:30pm Eastern Time!
The program runs weekly for 6 weeks


Here's what's involved, what's included, and the prices:

Weekly Plan:

  • Week 1: Introduction and Set Your Income Goal for the Next 12 Months

  • Week 2: Craft an Irresistible Media Kit

  • Week 3: Create a Compelling Pricing Guide

  • Week 4: Develop Your Professional, Boundary-Setting "Work With Me" Policies

  • Week 5: Draft Your Pitch Email Templates & Pitch List

  • Week 6: Create Your 12-Month Income & Collab Plan + Take the $2K in 20 Days Challenge!

With this course you'll get exclusive access to:

  • Weekly, 60-minute live group sessions with a lesson and Q&A (I'll be scheduling to go to 90 minutes if there's enough Q&A)

  • A clear roadmap and checklist so you know exactly what to do each week, with examples (you'll stay on top of everything!)

  • Access to a private, students only Facebook group to discuss anything related to the course with support from me (this network is invaluable!)

  • Examples of Tara's actual pitch emails that she used to pitch and land paid brand collaborations (you won't get this anywhere else!)

  • Example of an Irresistible Media Kit and Compelling Pricing Guide for your guidance and inspiration (this is not your typical template!)

Pay in Full Bonus:

  • When you pay in full upfront, you'll get access to a bonus 1-hour webinar on a fantastic way to monetize your online brand that no one is talking about: "How to Land Licensing Collaborations to Grow Your Brand & Create Passive Income"

    • Value: $997!

Price and Payment Options:

  • Pay in full price: $1497 (The lowest price this course will ever be; it will cost more in the future!)

    • Compare: Tara offers a similar 1:1 package for $4950!

  • Payment plan option: 2 payments of $849, 1 month apart


Bonus Add-on:

  • 1 x 1:1 90-minute business strategy session with Tara for $497 (regularly $997!)

    • Get real time feedback and tips from Tara via Zoom!

    • Get copywriting tips to give your Media Kit the *best* glow up!

    • Receive personalized tactics to make your pricing guide more profitable!

    • Get coaching on digital marketing & biz strategies based on your needs!

    • Get the confidence and mindset boost you need to monetize!

  • To be used within 3 months (12 weeks) of starting the 6-week program!

Plus applicable taxes. All prices shown here are listed in Canadian currency.

Examples of who this program is a good fit for:

Content Creators and Influence, such as: Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Online Publishers, etc.

Who want to monetize the work they are already doing online in an authentic way for their community.

Even if you have done some collaborations, you may be in search of a better framework to land profitable paid partnerships, so this program is for you!


People with a few thousand followers who have never worked with brands before and people with hundreds of thousands of followers who have worked with big brands before have both learned so much from this program.

Service Providers, such as:
Freelancers, coaches, consultants, photographers, designers (graphic designers, interior designers, all the designers!), artists, writers, professionals and experts, health practioners, and more!

Who want to add to their existing business income with paid brand partnerships to monetize their online brand and community in an authentic way.

Photographers can promote their favourite equipment. Coaches can promote their favourite software or products. Professionals and experts can promote their favourite products and services. Interior designers can promote their favourite tools, decor brands, and contractors.

Options for paid partnerships are limitless!

E-commerce and retail business owners with an online presence, in any niche

Who want to add to their existing business income with paid brand partnerships to monetize their online brand and community in an authentic way.

You can promote adjacent (not competing) products and services, organizations, and events that your community would love! Or even host sponsored events yourself :)

It's all about bringing the right people, products, and services together. And just about any business owners with an online presence can monetize with paid partnerships!

An online community or presence simply means that you have social media followers, YouTube subscribers, an email list, podcast listeners, etc.

1K+ is recommended for this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not an influencer and I don't consider myself a content creator. Is this for still for me?

A: All online entrepreneurs are welcome! As long as you have created a niche online community (e.g., social media, YouTube, a podcast, email list, etc.), you can monetize it with paid partnerships. This program works for all niches / industries!

Q: I don't have a huge following on social media or a big email list. Is this program a good fit for me?

A: This program does not require you to be a big influencer by any means! You can have a small online following and be financially successful monetizing your online brand. However, it is recommended that you have at least 1k followers or subscribers for this program. This program does not focus on how to become a content creator or influencer from scratch; it's about how to monetize your existing following, with a few tips along the way on how to grow what you've already started!

Q: I already have a media kit and have worked with some brands on paid collaborations. Would this program help me still?

A: If you're a keen lifelong learner, you might agree that we always have something new to learn! However, if you're already making consistent income (say, to the tune of 6-figures per year or more) profitably from your online brand with paid partnerships, then you likely don't need this program. However, if that's not where you're at, then there's probably room for growth and improvement. In which case, this will be a great program for you!

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Yes, there's a First-Session Money Back Guarantee. Tara wants you to have the best experience possible with this program. If after the first session (Week 1) you decide this program isn't for you, you can request a refund. The request must be made before the second session (Week 2) in order to qualify for the refund.

Q: How does this live online course work? It's not pre-recorded?

A: Exactly, The Profitable Content Creator program is not currently a pre-recorded online course. Eventually it will be! But for now, any of the students going through this live will be meeting once per week with me (Tara) for a lesson followed by Q&A followed by action items for the week ahead. Session recordings will be available until the end of the 6-week program.


Get in on the live group program before it's too late! The May cohort will be the last live version of this program for the foreseeable future! The benefit to the live program is that you get a lot of face time with Tara and other students, and you can ask all the questions!

Q: When does your next program start?

A: The next cohort of this program will begin on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm Eastern Time and will run weekly on Wednesdays at 7:30pm Eastern Time for 6 weeks. If you miss any sessions, you'll get access to recorded sessions afterwards.

Q: Is this course considered a business expense?

A: Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper, but yes, this course should be considered a business expense for professional development! So keep your receipt for tax time as a tax deduction in your business!

Q: I'm still not sure if this is the right fit for me, how can I decide?

A: Tara wants to make sure this is a good fit for all students who take this program. If you're still not sure, contact Tara at to book a Zoom chat!

Ready to enroll in the May 17th cohort?

Become the go-to person in your niche. Get raving reviews and testimonials to keep your pipeline filled with ideal clients so you can do the authentic work you love!

This course has been built from Tara's experience working with 100+ brands; see what some of Tara's clients from The Zero Waste Collective had to say about working with her:

Rouve Hembling,
Your Green Kitchen

"I have done a few collaborations with The Zero Waste Collective and it has been a wonderful experience. Tara is always super helpful in getting it all organized and all of the collaborations have been extremely successful."

Amy Hall,
Goldilocks Goods

"Working with Tara from The Zero Waste Collective was a breeze right from the start. I especially appreciated the organization and quick responses. As for the collaboration itself, the results FAR exceeded my expectations."

Christen Irwin,
Ten and Co

Tara has been been such a pleasure to work with. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about her community, she is full of fantastic suggestions to make working with The Zero Waste Collective as profitable as possible. We work with Tara because she is committed to engaging with her community in an authentic way, promoting brands that are true to their word and will actually provide benefits to her followers."

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