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Single Strategy Sessions

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If you're looking for a 1:1 session and the curated programs aren't quite what you're looking for or you'd like something more budget-friendly, a 90-minute Single Strategy Session with me might be just what you need!


Check out some of the options below, or let me know if there's something else within digital marketing that you'd like to tackle and I'll create a tailored session for your business.


And if you love the single session so much, you can come back for more! I have long-term, recurring client sessions.

Ready to book your Strategy Session? Simply email me at with information about what you're looking for!

Strategy Session


Offer Overhaul

Are you ready to update your offers and your prices, but you're not sure where to start? Work with Tara to extract how to add the most value to your offers while increasing profit margins!

Captivating Collaborations

Collaborations are an ideal opportunity to increase revenue and broaden your exposure. This session is ideal for brands or content creators looking to get the most out of their partnerships!

Successful Pitching & Sales

Sales don't happen out of thin air (sadly!), so this session is the perfect chance to update your pitch and optimize your sales scripts using proven strategies, so that your business can thrive!

Write That Book (now!)

Have you always wanted to write a book? Learn the process from a published author. Tara will share her experience and knowledge so you can have a practical set of next steps to get it done!

Make More Money

Looking for ways to add more streams of income to your business? Say no more! This session will help you create the roadmap to your next stream(s) of income! (Including passive!)

Engaging Email List

Whether you're starting from zero or looking to grow your list, it's easy to get stuck. Or if you have list and you just don't know what to write or how to sell to your community, this is for you!

Compelling Copywriting

Is your copy not converting? Not quite compelling or perhaps just not speaking to your ideal client the way it should? Freshen up your writing with this session to get your prospects to feel seen!

Website Refresh Roadmap

Is your website a hot mess? Maybe you haven't updated it in ages. Tara will help you create a roadmap to refresh your website so your prospects don't run the other way! While boosting SEO!

Build a Big Brand

Want to become well known? Have a huge social media following? Get media exposure? Become a public speaker? And more? Pick Tara's brains on all of the above so you can do it too!

Paid Content Creator

Have an online community that you're looking to monetize, but you don't know where to start or what to charge? This session is for you. Tara will quickly set you up with next steps to make money!

Work with Tara today!

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Once you've had an opportunity to review all of Tara's services, email Tara to work together!

Tara will be able to guide you to the program best suited to your needs, or build a program tailored for your business.

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